New York has returned all through the end of the season games and should again on Saturday in Tampa

with the Lightning, one win from a third continuous excursion to the Stanley Cup Finals.

However they were confronting the double-cross reigning champ Tampa Bay Lightning,

and although they had required seven games to progress from every one of the initial two rounds of the end-of-the-season games,

the Rangers generally had a guaranteed winner in their pocket Fortress Madison Square Garden.

Indeed, even in the wake of losing two games in Tampa to permit the Lightning to tie the series, there was an unfaltering feeling of trust in Rangeland coming into Game 5.

All things considered, the group was 8-1 at home at the end of the season games,

it's just a misfortune coming in triple additional time in the absolute first game against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

So when the Lightning finished the enchantment with a 3-1 triumph at the Garden on Thursday night, it was a mallet blow.