For better and worse, “Turning Red” is like no Pixar film before it.

The film, directed by Domee Shi, who made the lovely Oscar-winning short “Bao,”

“Bao,” is the first Pixar movie directly solely by a woman.

Its leadership team, including producers and art departments, is entirely female.

And its protagonist, 13-year-old Meilin Lee (voiced by Rosalie Chiang), is a Chinese-Canadian eighth-grader in the throes of puberty.

For Pixar, a factory of childhood whimsy designed to make adults cry, “Turning Red” fills in more than a few blind spots.

Not only is the movie deeply rooted in a female and Asian-North American perspective, it wades into a chapter of life unfrequented by Pixar.

This is the first film by the studio in which, for example, a sanitary pad is offered, And it’s the first — history take note — to feature twerking.